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 Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established in 1948. And its predecessor is a individual workshop which produce general healthcare material.

 Since the 70s and 80s of 19th century, we begin to set foot in the Chinese and western medicine preparation industry, with the great ambition and dream of making contributions to medicine business and relieve the illness for patient. After more than 60 years’ development and experience and toughening, now Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharma developed into a large comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise which is combine the leading transfusion preparation with trading.

 At present, the annual sales revenue of our company is almost 2 billion RMB,and the taxation of profit is more than 300 million RMB, and we have the production capacity of more than 100 specifications of pharmaceuticals of producing 7 dosage forms like infusion solutions, tablets, capsules, oral solutions and rushing lotion etc. And the production scale, technological level, brand impact was in the front rank in this industry of domestic, and we also step into the rank of top ten enterprises of domestic pharmaceuticals with a leap.

 Our company comes into the market of Kong Hong in June, 2007. And also Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharma-this large ship of pharmaceutical are speed up forward to the world class medicine enterprise team.

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