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Quality Assurance

The drugs quality concerns the health and the safety of great amount of patients. As a drug manufacture enterprise, we keep firmly in mind the sacred mission we shouldered and win customer’s permanent trust by the dignified pledge and the strict quality safeguard

The high quality product is from our complete and unique QC system. On the software aspect, we draw a QC standard higher than those of British and American pharmacopeia, have consummated three levels of the quality assurance system according to the GMP request, and have implemented the process control and the performance test unifies. The high automation of the production line enables the staff to be able to concentrate product examination each working procedure, which can guarantee the drugs quality much well. We have established the strict chain link of quality control flaw according to the post difference. The entire process is at the controlled condition throughout, which guaranteed the drugs quality stability as well as the sales drugs traceability.

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