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Sun Ruibin investigates and survey in the removing project construction site of the corporate headquarters

Date:2013-04-09 10:55

Spring has come back to the earth, and the air temperature is warmer and warmer, it is the golden season of engineering construction. On March 7th, member of the standing committee of the provincial Party committee and municipal party secretary-Sun Ruibin leads the member of the standing committee of municipal Party committee and secretary general-Hu Ruchai, deputy mayor and the working committee secretary of High and New District-Zhang Ye, the deputy secretary of working committee and the director of management committee-Zhao Shuanwen etc. leaders and the responsible persons of municipal related department to go in person to investigate and survey in the removing upgrading and rebuilding project construction site of corporate headquarters, and solve the “bottleneck” problems encountered in the process of construction on the spot.
The president of company Qu Jiguang introduces the construction situation of corporate headquarters removing and upgrading and rebuild project to the team of Sun Ruibin in detail, before the project construction site of full of tower crane and booming of machine. The removing project of corporate headquarters is the strategy supporting project realizing the company's transformation and upgrading and stepping over and catching up and surpass and realizing the development objective of hundred of 100 million, and this project was ranked into the provincial key construction project in 2011. Under the powerful supporting of the municipal Party committee and government at all levels, we overcome lots of difficult projects and was start working at full scale, we predict we will pass the certification of national and realize the putting into production in commission at the end of year 2013. After all of the projects reaching the output, the sales revenue of our company will surpass 10 trillion RMB.
During hear reports, Sun Ruibin told the enterprise with sincere words and earnest wishes, “you should put into practice the benchmarking action constantly, keep the leading position of this industry, and settle the solid basis for company’s sustainable development”. And he also ask about what kind of difficulties and the problems need to help and deal with in the process of corporate project construction with concern. When heard there are some problems in the project in the aspects of power supply, steam and road etc, Sun Ruibin scheduling on the spot, and requires the related departments should worry about what the project worry about, and help company exclude the difficulty and anxiety by all manner of means, attempt to create a fine environment for the project construction, and “support and serve for the key project construction with all your strength”.
After heard about the situation of project construction, Sun Ruibin emphasizes that speed up the transformation and upgrading, the pace of step over and surpass must seize the project construction stand firm safely, and plan a batch big projects and good projects by all manner of means. And we need to deal with the problems company encountered as soon as possible, so as to improve the efficiency of government affairs and serve for the company of a mind, an d stimulate and protect the passion of doing pioneering work of entrepreneur, increase the economic development vigor of the whole city. And speed up the project implementation scheduling, carry out the planning project as soon as possible; come into operation as soon as possible when the project has the conditions of starting working. The project are constructing need accelerate the process, the completed projects need go into operation and reach the efficiency as soon as possible. And also should enhance the coordinated dispatching of the project construction, and deal with the “stuck neck” problems of the project construction practically, ensure the projects implementation smoothly. We should strengthen the sense of time, stick out a letter of “quick”, and form the new economic growth point as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring security and quality. And we also need to pay special attention to the project construction with the energy of time waits for no man and race against time, optimize the development environment, support the development of company, make the provincial economy more bigger and stronger, attempt to be the “leader sheep” in the process of constructing economic powerful province and harmonious Hebei.

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