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The eighth session third worker’s congress of company hold successfully

Date:2013-04-09 10:59

On the morning of 31th March, the eighth session third worker’s congress of company was held in the multifunction conference hall grandly. The president and general manager of the company-Qu Jiguang pointed out that we should see the all kinds of difficulties and challenges faced in the advancing road, take the scientific development as guide, and grasp the general requirements of improving work style, innovation management, enhancing benefit and steady development closely when make the work statement to the congress; and sticks to take the development quality and benefit’s improvement as the core, promote the harmonious development of product innovation, market development and project construction, strengthen the enterprise vitality and strength constantly, speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading and step over and surpass, push forward the enterprise development into a new stage.
Spring has come back to the earth, and the weather is warmer and warmer, and our company also is full of life everywhere. The atmosphere of multifunction conference hall in the administration building is solemn and enthusiastic; the 7 members of presidium-Qu Jiguang, Su Xuejun, Gao Shuping, Zhang Qingjiang, Yin Dianshu, Song Mingxia and Zhang Jianqiang were seated in the rostrum. The congress was held by Gao Shuping. Company’s eighth session third worker’s congress should be present 152 staff representatives, and the actual attendance is 149 persons, the number of attendance complies with the stipulated number of people. And the director and above managers who are not the staff representatives also attend the meeting as an observer.
In the worker’s congress, the president and general manager of our company-Qu Jiguang made a work statement which the title is “Innovation Driven, Step over and Surpass, Strive for Making the New Victory of Enterprise Development”. The “Work Statement” concluded the major achievements of company in 2012, analyzed the trend and problem faced now, and come up with the objective of the struggle of accelerating the transformation and upgrading, step over and surpass in 2013.
Qu Jiguang review the company’s work of 2012 from the aspects of production and sales, major project implementation, research and development innovation, branding building and worker’s salary etc. Qu Jiguang pointed out that in the past 2012, under the backgrounds of increasing management cost, fiercely market competition and low price bidding policy etc. fundamentals are not improving, the whole company showed the highly development awareness, to be realistic and pragmatic, seize the opportunities, enhance and improve the company management. Our company lower the operating cost by all manner of means through carrying out the benchmarking activity, speeding up project construction and new products research and development etc. innovative measures; expand the growing space of market actively, and the staff are willing and diligently to devote, (continue of the first version) overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles bitterly in the process of development with painstaking effort and sweat; obtained better job performance; and the economic benefit kept the stable and progressive fine state.
Qu Jiguang pointed out that we should acutely aware all kinds of difficulties and challenges faced in the marching road at the same time of affirm achievements. The problems still existed, such as the increasing management cost and innovation scarce capacity etc, the missions of change the methods and adjust the structure are still fairly heavy. For these, we must have sober cognition, and strengthen the awareness of unexpected development conscientiously, and adopt effective measures to solve them practically.
Qu Jiguang also work out the arrangement of this year’s work: speed up the transformation of development mode, achieve new breakthrough in the production and marketing structural adjustment; speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, impel the moving of the headquarters etc. strategic project implementation; strengthen quality control, keep the healthy and stable development of company, intensify the basic management, enhance the production and operating effectiveness; plan industry and developmental strategy of talented person, propel the production and technological innovation; realize the synchronizing lifting of the staff’s salary and enterprise development level.
And we also heard about the report-“The report of Economic Responsibility System Adjustment Situation in 2013” made by Shi Xiaoli who is the manager of human resource department.
In the group discussion, the representatives considered seriously, make a statement actively, and fully confirm the work statement made by president Qu.
Qu Jiguang answered seriously and practically in the congress scene, aiming at the suggestions and opinions suggested by staff representatives involved enterprise development and staff life. The congress passed the two reports of “Work Statement” made by Qu Jiguang and “The report of Economic Responsibility System Adjustment Situation in 2013” made by Shi Xiaoli with the way of voting by raising hands.
The congress called that the whole staff under the correct leading of board of directors and leading group, take the scientific development perspective as guide, unite together heart and soul, be realistic and pragmatic, work hard, forge ahead with determination, keep a foothold at their duty, implement and commit all kinds of works put forward in the work statement, carry out all kinds of works with high quality, high efficiency and creatively; strive for the new victory of enterprise transformation and upgrading, step over and surpass; and create the company’s more beautiful future together!

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