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Company was awarded the title of “Advanced Enterprise of Tax Payment Contribution”

Date:2013-04-09 11:01

On 29th March, Gaocheng city held third grade leader congress, and awarded the industrial economic development advanced unit of 2012, the development zone branch company of our company was awarded as “Advanced Enterprise of Tax Payment Contribution”, and also obtained 100 thousand RMB reward. The deputy general manager of the company and the general manager of development zone branch company-Gao Shuping represented the enterprise accepted the prize on stage, and also represented advanced credit enterprise spoke on the congress.
Last year, our company improved the quality, supervised the benchmarking, passed the certification, created new products, real practiced and solid work, overcame difficulties and kept the stable and progressive development trend according to the middle and high end market demand of transfusion. Annual output of 500 million bottles (bags) modernization preparation and the assorting logistics project, 204 workshops new edition authentication improvement project and hydroxyethyl starch special bulk pharmaceutical chemicals production project etc. key projects all finished by time nodes requirements. Modernization preparation workshop etc. two transfusion workshops passed the international and national new edition GPM certification individually. And our company also obtained 10 vertical types soft bags with higher market development value and Sterile Water for Injection etc. a batch production and registry instructions with wide range of clinical application value. The output of transfusion was increased 43.3%, of which the output of soft bag transfusion occupied the first place of nationwide. And our company also ranked the top ten enterprises of Chinese chemistry pharmaceutical exporting type for continuous 2 years. And the annual taxation of profit break through 350 million RMB for the first time, and this is the best year of obtaining benefit since the company enter Gaocheng Economic Development Zone.
Gao Shuping showed that the company will hold the management idea of “Openness basing on sincerity helps people by quality” in the presentation, and grasp the world medicine development pulse firmly, take the improvement of development quality and benefit as center, take the project construction, product innovation and market development as emphasis, speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, step over and surpass, increase the corporate vigor and strengthen constantly, and help Gaocheng city to realize the target of “to be leading enterprise and rank in the top 100 enterprises”.

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