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The certification of 208 workshops of new built transfusion production line is near the hand

Date:2013-04-09 11:03
At present, the two transfusion production line new edition GMP certification work of the new built 208 workshops of our company is starting at full scale. We found the certification work team specially, and hold the certification work preparation meeting for many times, and also organize the related departments pay close attention to the required management document of certification, operation specification etc. software’s establishment and perfection. And we also training the staff, and do the new edition GMP certification basic work solidly.
In order to meet the multiple requirements of market, the two new built production lines was divided into large capacity soft bag transfusion production line (500mi, 1000ml, 2000ml) and 100ml small scale soft bag transfusion production line. “It will relieve company’s market supply and demand of soft bag transfusion, especially the market supply and demand of large capacity transfusion greatly, after the certification and operation of this two transfusion production lines.” The responsible person of the workshop who was busy with the production line certification preparation work told reporter, “the establishment of special line is convenient for workshop organization and arrangement production, and could reduce the frequency of adjustment parameter and mould renewal greatly, it will not only save time, but also strengthen the stability of the equipments, it contribute to enhancing the quality and output”.
According to the introduction, the new production lines was built totally under the standard of EU, and this will settle the fine basis for our company to open the high end market of domestic and international.

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