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We seize every opportunity to develop Vietnam Marketing

Date:2014-06-12 15:46

From May 12 to 21, the 21st Vietnam International & Chinese Medical-pharmaceutical EXPO 2014 took place in Hanoi. Li Weimin, a vice general manager of our company and other sales personnel attended the exhibition. 

Vietnam is now one of our major exporters. In the recent two years, sales grow rapidly in the country’s south central part and the market is becoming mature with the brand SHIMENgaining more Vietnam people’s recognition and trust. During the exhibition, our vice manager Li Weimin came to the stand in person, promoting our new IV products and introducing the manufacturing and quality advantage with his professional skills and knowledge. The leaders of our company also visited some of the regular clients to strengthen cooperation and accelerate the development of north market. It is reported that our company received a large quantity of orders this time.

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